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Hangzhou Seminar

Sep. 16, 2020

On September 16, 2020, the seminar of "Creating Harmony and Gatherering Strength to Win the Future – Chinese Healthy Breeding and New Business Model" sponsored by Shijiazhuang Joycome Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was hold in Hangzhou. Mr. Liu Zhongjie, doctor of China Agricultural University, Professor Shi Wanyu, dean of Chinese Veterinary College of Hebei Agricultural University, and Mr. Liu Jiaguo, doctor of Nanjing Agricultural University, representatives from breeding and husbandry companies, regional partners and news media workers etc , more than 200 people attended the meeting.

The conference begins with a speech by Joycome chairman Guo Wanheng, he talked about the current situation and future development direction about breeding industries. He said "Innovation is the core power of our enterprise development, constant innovation decides everything. Our goal is the new mode of healthy breeding, jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the animal protection industry".

Doctor Liu Jiaguo delivered a report on chicken breeding from the biological and pathological features of chickens. He said that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, we can understand why the mortality rate of chickens is higher if mixed breeding with ducks and geese. We can find the answers from the special characteristics of chickens: high body temperature, rapid metabolism, poor thermoregulation, sensitive to light, easy to bounce, like dryness and evil dampness etc. So we understand the Livestock and Poultry environment and husbandry management is very important.

In the afternoon, the meeting continued with the sound of drums. First of all, the opening ceremony of Hebei Chinese Veterinary Medicine Oral Liquid Technology Innovation Center was hold. Then the company commended and awarded the top 10 customers to show their recognition of their efforts and encourage them to make greater achievements in future.

The seminar was successfully concluded in a song"Grateful Heart" by the staff of Joycome Pharma. Leaders and partners took a group photo to record this wonderful moment.  Joycome will continue to keep the original intention, serve customers as the purpose, and develop high-quality products as the goal,constantly explore and contribute to the animal protection industry.

Hangzhou Seminar

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