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How to Use Tilmicosin Correctly?

Feb. 04, 2021

This spring, the climate changed drastically, coupled with the contradiction between heat preservation and ventilation, and various respiratory diseases in pig farms frequently occurred. Tilmicosin is the first choice for the prevention and control of respiratory diseases and is widely used in different pig farms. How much do you know?

Tilmicosin advantage

Tilmicosin, as a macrolide drug, has the effect of inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria. When the drug concentration is more than 4 times the minimum inhibitory concentration, it can have a bactericidal effect.

Its application advantages are:

Strong targeting (focus on the lungs to inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria)

Has anti-inflammatory effects and prevents inflammation.

Post-antibacterial effect (can still inhibit bacterial reproduction after stopping the drug)

Inhibition of blue-ear virus replication (prevention and control of blue-ear disease in pig farms)

Reduce the infection of mycoplasma pneumonia, pleuropneumonia, and Haemophilus parasuis

Prevention and control of infectious pleuropneumonia is better than long-acting oxytetracycline

Low toxicity, no embryo toxicity, can be used for pregnant sows.

Because Tilmicosin Soluble Powder has a good effect on a variety of pathogens in the respiratory system, it has been widely used in the prevention and control of porcine respiratory syndrome and the stability of pig herd blue ear disease.

Tilmicosin Injection

Tilmicosin Injection

Tilmicosin selection

Tilmicosin is currently on the market according to the production process and is divided into two types: coated and uncoated. Low-priced Tilmicosin is mostly uncoated. The advantage lies in its simple process, low cost and price advantage, but Tilmicosin itself tastes bitter and is not acid resistant. It reduces the efficacy of the drug and hurts the stomach under the action of gastric juice. Some manufacturers Food attractants are added to mask the bitter taste, but the effect is difficult to guarantee. In order to solve the main deficiencies of Tilmicosin, Tilmicosin coated technology was developed. Tilmicosin was produced by double-layer coating process to make it collapse and release in the intestine. This not only solved the bitterness problem, but also made it Tilmicosin is released at a fixed point in the intestinal tract, is fully absorbed, improves the use effect, and reduces the cost of medication.

How to use Tilmicosin properly

1.Choose product formulation

The Chinese Veterinary Pharmacopoeia states: Tilmicosin Injection is more toxic to the body, and the instructions for use only indicate the usage and dosage of cattle and sheep. Since the therapeutic dose of tilmicosin in pigs is very close to the lethal dose, the Veterinary Pharmacopoeia does not indicate pig The method of use and measurement, and at the same time the use of mixing materials is convenient, so Tilmicosin is suitable for mixing materials in pig production.

2. Pay attention to the dosage and time of use

The dosage of Tilmicosin registered by the Ministry of Agriculture is 200-400mg/kg of the mixture, and it is used continuously for 7-14 days. According to the requirements, the mixing dosage is 200~400g/t, and the current market tilmicosin premix content is mostly 20%, that is, the concentration of 20% tilmicosin mixing material is 1~2kg/t.

3. Pay attention to the effect of gastric emptying on the effect of Tilmicosin

Tilmicosin is too bitter. If the gastric emptying is slow, the drug will stay in the stomach for a long time, and the chance and area of contact with the gastric mucosa will increase, which will increase the irritation of the gastric mucosa and cause the risk of gastric ulcers

Therefore, when tilmicosin is used, gastric emptying should be accelerated to shorten the residence time of the drug in the stomach. When tilmicosin is used, the pigs are fed for a period of time, and then the medicine is mixed with the feed. At this time, the medicine will only stay in the stomach for a short time and will be quickly discharged into the small intestine. Tilmicosin is easily absorbed in the small intestine, which not only enhances the effect of tilmicosin use, but also avoids the drug's damage to the gastric mucosa.

4. Reasonable compatibility with other drugs


Tilmicosin can be synergistically compatible with tetracyclines such as doxycycline.

Tilmicosin has a similar mechanism to chloramphenicols such as florfenicol. Although its mechanism of action is to bind to the 50s subunit of the ribosome, florfenicol enters the bacterial cell through its fat-soluble dispersion to inhibit bacterial protein synthesis. , Widely distributed in the animal body, thus playing a bacteriostatic effect. Tilmicosin has strong tissue penetrating power and the highest drug concentration in lung tissue, so as to target and effectively control and treat animal respiratory diseases. Therefore, the clinical compatibility of florfenicol and tilmicosin can also enhance the efficacy

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