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Qingwen Jiedu Oral Liquid Version 3.0

Feb. 25, 2021

Qing plague 3.0 virus terminator, anti-virus, death control, 24-hour death control, 48-hour cure, and no resistance to national standards, green and environmental protection.


1.Poultry deaths caused by acute and chronic viruses can be controlled within 24 hours.

2. The swollen face and runny nose caused by the virus can be controlled within 24 hours.

3. The white color of the eggshell caused by the virus, and the drop in egg production rate can be controlled within 24 hours.

4. Anatomical symptoms: poultry follicular bleeding, rectal bleeding, muscular stomach streak bleeding, rectal bleeding, cecal tonsil bleeding, pancreatic bleeding, rooster testicular bleeding, meat duck heart swelling, tiger streak bleeding and other acute and severe infectious diseases cure.

As long as the symptoms of the virus appear, you can receive unexpected results within 24 hours regardless of whether the broiler egg chicken is used on Qingwen 3.0.

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Functions and indications:

This product can control the death of poultry virus diseases such as Newcastle disease, influenza, spreading branch and larynx within 24 hours, and has unique curative effect on various symptoms caused by poultry adenovirus. In addition, this product has a unique effect on immunosuppressive diseases caused by various reasons. Three days of medication can effectively alleviate the overall sub-health state of a large group, and the antibody level and uniformity are significantly improved.


Add 2,000 kg of water to each bottle, and concentrate on drinking water for 3 hours throughout the day for 3 days without increasing the amount.

Packing specification:

500ml×30P/piece. 1000ml×20P/piece.

5000ml×4P/piece. 2500ml×8P/piece.

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