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Preventive Measures for Laying Hens to Be Susceptible to Diseases

Mar. 11, 2021

After laying hens start to lay, as the egg production rate increases, the body's immunity will also rapidly decline. In the sensitive season when the disease is high, the resistance to wild virus infection will also cause the antibodies of the chickens to be quickly consumed, and the high immunity of the chickens It is an important factor in passing this dangerous period. In order to reduce the incidence of viral diseases, farms usually use vaccines to activate the body's immune organs and quickly produce high-titer antibodies to resist the intrusion of wild viruses. Although vaccines can quickly increase antibody levels and balance antibody uniformity, this is also the first method for disease prevention in major chicken farms, but most farms ignore a common problem: vaccine stress.

After each vaccine immunization (especially attenuated live vaccines), chickens will more or less suffer from nasal fluttering, tearing, diarrhea, worsening of respiratory symptoms, decreased egg production and other symptoms. The impact of decreased egg production rate and egg quality is the most prominent , Bring great economic losses to egg and poultry breeding.

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Causes of immune response to stress:

1.In fact, the severity and length of time that cause immune stress mainly depends on the overall immunity of the flock, the quality of the vaccine, scientific and reasonable immunization methods, and the rationality of environmental control. Vaccine virulence, immune pathway stress, and poor breeding management conditions will cause estrogen disorders in the chicken group, leading to delayed or stopped follicular development, and then the phenomenon of eggs on the next day, which will eventually cause the chickens to lay eggs The decline is severe, the milder recovers slowly within 5-7 days, and the severer cannot recover.

2. The chicken flock is in a sub-healthy state before immunization, which is an important factor leading to a strong immune stress response. The sub-health of the chicken flock refers to the slow decline in production performance without organic disease, the continuous increase in egg production rate, and the decline in egg shell quality.

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It is very complicated to change the sub-health of the chicken flock after the start of production. To ensure the normal production performance of the chicken flock, the only way to increase the overall disease resistance is to increase the antibody level of the body and maintain a higher antibody tidiness in the flock. Increase the frequency of immunity. Nutrition should be adjusted according to the actual situation to maintain high energy and high yield. According to seasonal changes, strengthen feeding management, formulate reasonable health prevention programs, and create a safe and comfortable egg-laying environment for chickens.

In recent years, poultry breeding has been subject to the national resistance reduction and resistance-free breeding policy, and has continuously improved and optimized the health and prevention program of poultry breeding to ensure that poultry can grow safely and healthily without adding resistance. In 2020, The state officially requires zero addition of various antibiotics for the purpose of prevention and growth promotion in feed. There have been many kinds of diseases caused by digestive system problems in poultry clinics, and immunosuppressive diseases of the body are difficult to treat and cure. Poultry farming has been challenged, which has attracted the attention and attention of the industry.

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Under the premise that food safety has become a national policy of the people’s livelihood, health and resistance is a general trend. We must start from many aspects to effectively eliminate the sub-health status of chickens. While doing a good job in biological safety and feeding management, we should balance production scientifically and reasonably. The nutritional indicators of the egg stage can regulate the imbalance of intestinal flora, reduce egg-laying fatigue syndrome, enhance the body’s immunity, relieve the body’s immunosuppression, etc., reduce strong stress and reduce vaccine toxicity. Shijiazhuang Jinyuankang Pharmaceutical The clinical performance of the multifunctional microecological pre-mixed additive "Savi Jindun" is very outstanding.

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The birth of a new generation of multifunctional micro-ecological premixed additives for livestock and poultry (Saviking):

Product development background: five stages of feed additive development, the first generation: "trace element era" represented by copper. The second generation: the "vitamin era" represented by electrolytes, vitamins, and amino acids (the first and second generations are based on nutritional supplements). The third generation: the "enzyme era" represented by phytase and compound enzymes. The fourth generation: the "intestinal environment era" represented by probiotics, oligosaccharides, and bacillus. (The third and fourth generations focus on improving intestinal function, internal environment, digestion and absorption). Fifth generation: "Multifunctional composite green additive era" represented by "Savi Golden Shield" (the fifth generation takes catalysis, activation, release, synthesis, and detoxification as its main functions).

The core ingredients of Saiweijindun: corn active peptide, pineal gland, oxidoreductase, multiple vitamins.

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