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Disease Case in Chickens

Apr. 19, 2021

1: Clinical symptoms and expression: egg chickens into 10,000 birds, 30 days to start the disease , the large group of good spirit, eat slightly reduced feed, the onset of the chicken small size, closed eyes, wilting, tie hair, lime like feces, overfeed, paws blue, thin, lusterless, slightly white color. Pick 10 or so per day . 

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2: clinical autopsy: no obvious changes in the trachea, glandular stomach enlarged like a glass bulb, edema thickened, cut open natural ectopia, glandular gastric papillae bleeding, myogastric chicken neijin ulcer, erosion, overall intestinal edema, cut open natural ectopia, individual chickens can be seen on the intestinal wall pinpoint bleeding spots, ureteral blockage, urate deposition .

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3: Clinical diagnosis: preliminary determination: adenomyogastritis mixed with intestinal toxicity. 

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4: Treatment plan: penicillin 1g 5 catties of water in the morning, 2 hours to drink, adenomyelitis double effect 300 catties of water per bottle + ballastine or ball dysentery 300 catties of water per bottle to drink for 4 hours, at the same time, Wu Ling San + Bai Tou Weng San mix feed for 5 days, the sick chickens are singled out for isolation feeding .

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